Military Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    Sealed, weather-proof, shock-proof construction... Ultra low weight... Compact size
UPS-1500-S-1U Military-Grade Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units are designed for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of Military applications.   SynQor's UPS incorporates field proven high efficiency designs and rugged packaging technologies.  This UPS will accept a wide range of input voltage and frequency values while delivering a well-conditioned AC output to the load.  Its use of lithium polymer batteries permits the lowest profile and lowest weight solution in its power class.  It is designed and manufactured in SynQor's USA facilities to comply with a wide range of military standards.  Options include a DC output and the ability to also draw power from a military standard 28VDC input.
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UPS Part Numbering
Family Output Power Battery Pack Size Height AC Input Frequency AC Output Voltage AC Output Neutral Wire AC Output Set Point Frequency DC Input DC Output Voltage Additional Options
1500:  1500VA
3000:  3000VA
   S: Standard 
   E: Extended 
   N: No Battery
1U: 1.73"
2U: 3.48"
   L:  47-65Hz
   W: 47-800Hz     
1: 115Vrms
2: 230Vrms
G: Grounded
F: Floating   
5:    50Hz
6:    60Hz
4: 400Hz
S:  Not Installed
D:  DC Input
M:  DC2 Out 24VDC w/Droop Share
P:  DC2 Out 24VDC No Sharing
R:  DC2 Out 28VDC w/Droop Share
V:  DC2 Out 28VDC No Sharing
00: None
12: 12V
24: 24V
28: 28V
40: 40V
50: 50V
000: Standard
0CE: CE Marking
E00: Ethernet/SNMP
ECE: Ethernet/SNMP
        & CE Marking
Part Numbering Example:    UPS-1500-E-2U-L1G6D28-000
NOTES:   The DC Input is not available if a DC2 Option is selected. DC2 Options P & V are only available on the UPS-1500.
   Not all combinations make valid part numbers. Please consult the factory for specific product availability.

Additional Battery for UPS Part Numbering
Family Energy Size Height
BAT    0200: 200 Watt hours
   0500: 500 Watt hours
   S: Standard
   E: Extended
1U: 1.73"
2U: 3.48"
Part Numbering Example:    BAT-0500-E-2U-000

Expansion Battery Module Part Numbering
EBM Watt Hours Height DC Output Voltage Output Power Charging Input Addtional Options
   1000 1000W Hr
   2U 3.40"
28 28 Vdc
3000 -  3000 W
W -  47-63 Hz / 360-800 Hz
E00:  Ethernet / SMNP
ECE:  Ethernet / SMNP & CE Marking
Part Numbering Example:   EBM-1000-2U-28-3000-W-E00
NOTE:  Not all combinations make valid part numbers. Please consult the factory for specific product availability.