Design Tools
Input Stability Calculator - This spreadsheet was created from the inequality tests in the Input System Instability Application Note.  It is intended to help the user select the proper components to insure stability of the system input stage.
Trim Resistor Calculator - This spreadsheet tool quickly calculates trim resistor values for various SynQor modules.  An alternate method to trim output voltages is to provide a voltage at the trim pin and this voltage is also calculated for you.  Use this tool to quickly find the appropriate resistor value and then validate the output voltage using your own standard resistor value.  A schematic of the trim input circuit is provided to better understand how the converter uses a resistor or voltage input at the trim pin. Trim Resistor Calculator
Evaluation Board Information
Evaluation Board Selection Guide - This guide provides a list of orderable evaluation boards available to facilitate testing and evaluation of SynQor modules.
Evaluation Board Procedure Document - SynQor makes it easy and affordable to evaluate the performance of our converters with our evaluation boards.  All evaluation boards include socketed connectors to allow easy "plug and play" insertion and removal of multiple units while providing precise, sensed voltage measurements. Evaluation boards are designed to simplify testing of the product by providing built-in BNC connectors for easy connection to standard test equipment, screw terminals for input/output connections, and a replaceable fuse.  All evaluation kits also ship with a detailed testing procedure. You can order evaluation kits through your local sales representative.