NiQor DC-DC Converters
    Non-isolated brick DC-DC converters
NiQor Series Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters The NiQor® DC-DC converter is a non-isolated buck regulator, which employs synchronous rectification to achieve extremely high conversion efficiency. The NiQor family of converters are used predominately in DPA systems using a front end DC-DC high power brick (48Vin to low voltage bus). The non-isolated NiQor converters are then used at the point of load to create the low voltage outputs required by the design. The wide trim module can be programmed to a variety of output voltages through the use of a single external resistor.
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Package Dimension Drawings
Pin Name Function
1 Vout(+) Positive output voltage
2 Vout(+) Positive output voltage
3 SENSE(+) Positive remote sense (Optional)
4 Vout(+) Positive output voltage
5 Common  
A N/C No Connection (Optional)
6 Common  
7 Vin(+) Positive input voltage
8 Vin(+) Positive input voltage
10 TRIM* Output voltage trim (trim-up only)
11 ON/OFF** Logic input
Notes: * Pin 10 - for fixed resistors, connect between Trim and Common (Ground).
           ** Pin 11 - see section on Remote ON/OFF pin for description of enable logic options.