MilQor Hi-Rel DC-DC Converters
    Full power operation at –55°C to +125°C meets high reliability needs of the military/aerospace markets
MilQor Series HI-Rel DC-DC Converters The MilQor® series of high-reliability DC-DC converters brings SynQor’s field proven high-efficiency synchronous rectifier technology to the Military/Aerospace industry. SynQor’s innovative QorSeal™ packaging approach ensures survivability in the most hostile environments. Compatible with the industry standard format, these converters operate at a fixed frequency, have no opto-isolators, and follow conservative component derating guidelines.
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Product Part Numbering Convention
MQFL Converters
U/X Case Outlines
W/Y/Z Case Outlines
MQME Filters
U/X Case Outlines
W/Y/Z Case Outlines
  NOTES (for MQFL Converters and MQME Filters)
    1) Pins 0.040" (1.02mm) diameter
    2) Pins Material: Copper
            Finish: Gold over Nickel plate
    3) All dimensions as inches (mm)
        x.xx +0.02 in. (x.x +0.5mm) +0.010 in. (x.xx +0.25mm)
    4) Weight: 2.8 oz. (78.5 g) typical
    5) Workmanship: Meets or exceeds IPC-A-610C Class III
    6) Print Labeling on Top Surface per Product Label Format Drawing
    7) Pin 1 identification hole, not intended for mounting
MQFL Converters Pin-Out
Pin Number Function
Single Output Dual Output
1 Positive Input Positive Input
2 Input Return Input Return
3 Case* Case*
4 Enable 1 Enable 1
5 Sync Output Sync Output
6 Sync Input Sync Input
7 Positive Output Positive Output
8 Output Return Output Return
9 Return Sense Negative Output
10 + Sense Trim
11 Share Share
12 Enable 2 Enable 2
* "Stability" pin for the MQFL-28V and MQFL-28VE converters.
MQME Filters Pin-Out
Pin Number Function
Passive Transient Suppression
1 Positive Input Positive Input
2 Positive Input Positive Input
3 Positive Input Positive Input
4 Negative Input Enable Input
5 Negative Input Negative Input
6 Negative Input Negative Input
7 Negative Output Negative Output
8 Negative Output Negative Output
9 Negative Output Enable Output
10 Positive Output Positive Output
11 Positive Output Positive Output
12 Positive Output Positive Output