Military 3-Phase AC Changer (MAC)
    Sealed, weather-proof, shock-proof construction... Ultra low weight... Compact size
MAC-4000-1U SynQor's Military AC Phase/Frequency Changer units are designed for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of Military/Aerospace applications.   SynQor's MAC incorporates field proven high efficiency designs and rugged packaging technologies.  This MAC will accept a 3-Phase AC input and change it to a well-conditioned Single-Phase AC output using a two-stage DC link isolated topology.  It is designed and manufactured in SynQor's USA facilities to comply with a wide range of military standards.  Options include a selection of output voltage amplitudes, frequencies and an electronic breaker on the AC output to permit fault-tolerant parallel operation for higher power and/or N+M redundant systems.

Accessories for the MAC can be found by following this link for a selection of rack mounts and cables.
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Product Part Numbering Convention
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