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SynQor Releases a True 3-Phase 1500 W Power Factor Correction Module

Boxborough, MA - SynQor, Inc. announces the release of the newest addition to its family of Power Factor Correction Modules: the MPFC‑115‑3PH‑270‑FP.  This module is a power factor correction building block for 3‑phase input AC‑DC power conversion in an industry standard full‑brick package (2.5" x 4.7" x 0.5").  When the MPFC‑115‑3PH‑270‑FP is used with SynQor's half‑brick MACF‑115‑3PH‑UNV‑HT AC line filter, a hold‑up capacitor and SynQor's high efficiency Mil‑COTS DC‑DC converters, it draws nearly perfect and well balanced sinusoidal line currents (PF>0.99) from a 3‑phase AC input.  This provides the design engineer with the building blocks for a complete front-end system that is designed to meet MIL‑STD‑704 (A‑F with leading PF), MIL‑STD‑461 (C,D,E,F), MIL‑STD‑1399 and MIL‑STD‑810G.

The MPFC‑115-3PH‑270‑FP delivers 1500 W of continuous output power with peak power capability of 2000 W.  The module accepts 3‑phase input voltage range of 85‑140 Vrms L‑N (147‑242 Vrms L‑L), 45‑800 Hz.  The module provides a nominal semi‑regulated 270 Vdc output with efficiency at 94 %.  The module also has a feature to access the mid‑bus voltage (loosely regulated 205 Vdc nominal) which if utilized as the primary output increases the overall efficiency of the module to > 95 %.

This first of its kind module is a true 3‑phase PFC module, not a composite of three single‑phase PFC modules.  It can operate at full power from ‑55 °C to +100 °C baseplate temperature, and it is perfectly suited for harsh environments seen in many Military/Aerospace applications, especially those working to meet SWaP‑C2 requirements.  The features and protections of the MPFC‑115‑3PH‑270‑FP can be found in the datasheet.  One special feature of note is a Battle Short provision, which allows for the override of certain protection features for mission critical applications.

SynQor's MPFC‑115‑3PH‑270‑FP and MACF‑115‑3PH‑UNV‑HT are available for immediate evaluation and purchase.  Datasheets and other information are available by clicking on the links above, by visiting SynQor's website,, or contacting your local SynQor representative.

About SynQor: Located in Boxborough, MA USA, SynQor is a leading supplier of power conversion solutions to the military, avionics, transportation, medical, industrial, telecommunications and computing markets.  SynQor's innovative products are designed to exceed the demanding performance, quality, and reliability requirements of today's power electronic engineers who develop leading‑edge infrastructure hardware.  SynQor provides all the power conversion modules needed to build a power system, and we also provide complete power systems.  SynQor's capabilities include both standard and custom solutions, and we deliver them with industry leading service and support.  SynQor's total commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement drives our business processes.

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