Power Interface Module (ATCA)
    Open-frame, single board construction for higher reliability
ATCA Power Interface Module The IQ65033QM10, IQ65033QGA12, and IQ665033QTA14 iQor™ Power Interface Modules integrate all features required by the AdvancedTCA Base Specification for a frame board power entry into a Quarter-Brick footprint. Minimal external components are required for all the key functions. Efficient utilization of hold-up capacitance with adjustable high-voltage management. Available in standard module or full-feature with I2C interface.
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Mechanical Drawing
   1) All pins are 0.040" (1.02mm) diameter with 0.080" (2.03mm) diameter standoff shoulders.
   2) Other pin extension lengths available. Recommended pin length is 0.03" (0.76mm) greater than the PCB thickness.
   3) All pins: ZMaterial - copper alloy; Finish - matte tin over nickle plate
   4) Undimensioned components are shown for visual reference only.
   5) All dimensions in inches (mm)
         a) x.xx +0.02 in. (x.x +0.5mm)
         b) x.xxx +0.010 in. (x.xx +0.25mm)    6) Weight: 1.2 oz (34g) typical
   7) Workmanship: Meets or exceeds IPC-A-610C Class II
   8) The flanged pins are designed to permit surface mount soldering (allowing to avoid the wave soldering process) through the use of the flanged pin-in-paste technique.

   PIN-OUT         See iQor Converters Pin-Out description