MINV Accessories 1
    MINV Power Cables
AC Output - Single Phase, 10', Hardwire SYN-9630
DC Input, 10', Positive SYN-9651
DC Input, 10', Negative SYN-9652
DC Output (MPS), DC Input (MINV), 3', Negative SYN-9180
DC Output (MPS), DC Input (MINV), 3', Positive SYN-9181
  DC Output (MPS), DC Input (MINV), 2', Negative SYN-9180-2
  DC Output (MPS), DC Input (MINV), 2', Positive SYN-9181-2
    User I/O Cables
RS232, 10', HD DB15 to DB9 SYN-9301
RS232 and Digital I/O, 10', HD DB15 to DB15 SYN-9305
  Ethernet, 10', Ml-Circular to RJ45M SYN-9321
    MINV Configuration Cables
2 Units, R-Option for Expanded Paralleling, 3', 2x HD DB15F SYN-9341
2 Units in Series 3', 2x HD DB15F SYN-9613
3 Units, R-Option for Expanded Paralleling, 3', 3x HD DB15F SYN-9343
3 Units in 3 Phase 3', 2x HD DB15F SYN-9617
    Replaceable Fan
Counter Rotating Fan Module SYN-9452
    Rack Mount Kits
(1U: 30 Lbs.)
Slide Rail Mount Kit 2 SYN-9002 (24")
Extended Slide Rail Mount Kit 2 SYN-9047 (24.68")
Fixed Bracket Kit 3 SYN-9031
    Transit Cases
  All Rack Mount Power Supplies
Transit Case, 3U, Gray, with Casters 3 SYN-9410
Transit Case, 3U, Gray, No Casters 3 SYN-9412
      1 Other Accessories are also available -- for further information contact Power@SynQor.com
      2 Slide Rail Kits (SYN-9002 & SYN-9047) are not recommended for transit and ruggedized use.
      3 Fixed Bracket Kit (SYN-9031) with Transit Case (SYN-9410 or SYN-9412) is required for transit and ruggedized use
          (qualified to pass MIL-STD-810G Loose Cargo and Transit Drop requirements).